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Why Outdoor Advertising?

Because we reach people closest to the

point of sale and call them to action.

Welcome to Charleston from Lockwood Outdoor! 

Community Conscious
Locally Owned
Family Operated


Where We Are

Our digital billboard is located on 2414 Clements Ferry Road surrounded by high traffic, bustling new industries and a booming housing market. 

The Perfect Location!

SCDOT traffic counts on Clements Ferry Road have greatly increased each year over the past several years. Our billboard is in a prime location to deliver great demographics with ideal traffic to expose your brand.

How Much Traffic??

Glad you asked! In advertising terms...over 90,000 Daily Effective Circulation.  That literally means at least 90,000 people travel by our board every day!!  That's 630,000 per week, 2.5 million per month!!

Your Ad Will be Seen!

· Your Ad displays 1,440 per day

· Your Ad displays 43,000 per month

· Your Ad runs in rotation 24/7

· Displays in a high traffic area


Clements Ferry is the corridor from Daniel Island, to Highway 41.  SCDOT is in the middle of a road expansion program to widen Clements Ferry from I-526 to Highway 41.  This will provide relief for existing heavy traffic and future traffic due to expansion and growth.

Our Mission:

To provide the best value, creativity and strategy for our clients producing positive outcomes in outdoor advertising.

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