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About Lockwood Outdoor Advertising 


We created our agency knowing that most people spend most of their time outside the home.  Logically, we thought outdoor advertisement was a great investment for us and our clients.  We work with individuals, small businesses, corporations and advertising agencies to strategically place advertising, reach goals and foster success.  We are proud to serve clients just like you and welcome you to our team of winners!

About our digital boards

LAC board Superior Electric.jpg

Unique creative ingenuity for your brand is what digital billboards deliver. Clear precise messaging, alluring graphics, and animation capture motorists and pedestrians.  Whether it is daily rush-hour or other high traffic occurrences, our enormous screens demand attention from both sides and all angles.  Drivers and every passenger in every vehicle will experience illuminated ads and messages through constant exposure from our digital billboard.

More Options to Come

Exploring the Streets

As we grow our footprint, our clients will have the opportunity to grow with us.  A board rotation program will allow you to expose your brand in several locations.  Also, you will have the option to choose other forms of outdoor advertising such as place based and specialty ads.


We will keep you informed of your options as we grow.  Thank you for choosing us.  We strive for excellence as we serve our clients and we value the relationships we foster.  Do not hesitate to contact us for your next great advertising campaign!

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